What Some of Our Friends Say About The Music of Yoga


"One of the most authentic and beautiful kirtans we've ever heard live."

— Shunyam
Shunyam Productions

“The ability to Capture Love in a Bhajan is an art, Kishori and Sudevi are gifted at this!”

— Ernest Abresch

“They are the most magically inspiring couple I’ve ever had the good fortune to be with.”

— Swami BV Tridandi
Japa Retreats

“Kishori and Sudevi touched my heart while I listened to them play. Their chanting lifts you on another vibration! Just Brilliant.”

— Lara Johnson

“Kishori Mohan and Sudevi’s music is always expertly and professionally performed and from the heart. With their staunch faith in guru, and their loving relationships with their audiences, their music is good for the heart and soul.”

— Swami BV Nemi
Yoga of Living and Loving

“They restore my faith in gurudeva and make me feel so happy.”

— Syamasundara Das

“Sweet nectar-filled Kirtan infused with years of devotion, practice and love.”

Jai Uttal
Kirtan Performer