Today, Sunday June 13th sees the release of the long awaited new album “Calling out” by Kishori Mohan das and Sudevi dasi, featuring such Vaisnava classics as Udila Aruna and Srita Kamala. On this new album, which has been a year in the making, the kirtan couple collaborates with bansuri flute player Chitra from Switzerland, the Sardu-sanga singers from Sardinia, Italy and Gopal das on the mridanga drum.

They aim to bring their audiences a unique Vraja bhakti experience through kirtan, as taught and practiced by their spiritual master Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja.

Kirtan is the ancient spiritual practice of chanting God’s names and glories in a call and response way and is gaining immense popularity worldwide. While one may easily be carried away by the many wonderful musical and vocal abilities of any kirtan performer, Sudevi dasi and husband Kishori Mohan das remind us that the sacred act of kirtan should be performed exclusively for the pleasure of the Divine in a mood of seva and surrender.

“Calling out” will immerse any sincere listener in a journey to the soul; simply join the kirtan with an open heart and let the sacred sound carry you to Vrindavan, land of the Lord of love.

A special event will be held this Sunday to officially announce the arrival of the album and will be broadcast live on at 4pm Central European Time (GMT +1).

Click here for the live webcast, or preview the album here: